Form Composition and Aerial Render

Render of organic building form. Made in Revit and Autocad.

Form Development Diagrams

Site Plan and Technical Section

Floorplans and Point of View Renders

Illustrative and Technical Sections

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Barcelona Pavilion
A case study done in Revit of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion.
Digital Concept Drawings and Renderings
Savannah Icekeeper Stadium
A stadium that seeks to find harmony between two contrasting elements, the hot humid environment of Savannah and the frigid temperatures required by ice rinks. By using passive sustainable techniques and site manipulation, my goal was to provide an innovative game day experience that utilizes the existing qualities of the site to its best advantage.
Landscapes & Technical Drawings
A collection of hand drawn images that demonstrate the artistic ability of Victor Maranon.
The Jacksonville School of Culinary Arts
The focus for this project was to create a multi-use facility in downtown Jacksonville that included a residential, retail and culinary school program. I focused on using the interaction between the private and public spaces and the abundant natural daylight of Jacksonville to create memorable spaces that were guided by daylight, but driven by experience.
The Summit: Escape from Ikal Mino
The focus for this project was to create an escape room walkthrough attraction with a developing story that would reveal itself as guest went through the experience. I participated in the schematic design process and fabrication of the show set and props. as well as the operation of special effects, lighting, and guest circulation. Getting able to create an engaging experience with a limited budget and footprint was a very valuable learning lesson.
A Return to Rapture- A Bioshock Immersive Experience
A conceptual project focused on creating a themed environment based on the video game "Bioshock". The entrance to the environment and queue leading to the main hub are modeled below.
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